strategic marketing (earth)

Search engine & website optimization, brand campaigns, audience & customer retention, and more

social media (venus)

Social media plans, audience building & engagement, on-site employee training, content creation, ad campaigns, event promotion, and more

graphic design (neptune)

Artistic posters, info posters, logos, web content, social media content, and more

video (jupiter)

Video production & direction, animation, motion graphics, social media content, voiceovers, and more

original music

Audio editing, sound design, music compositions, songwriting, and more

Our comprehensive whole-brand packages are based upon the psychology of your average consumer. What do they need to get to you? Are they seeing you at all? If not, what’s in the way? These problems can’t just be solved with one marketing element. Buying a video doesn’t do you much good if posting on Facebook doesn’t get you enough reach to properly distribute it. Focusing on social media can only get you so far if you don’t have fresh video content. And none of that matters if your website isn’t designed to sell.


Business owners spend a lot of time thinking about what they can do to draw people in, but your gravitational pull doesn’t mean much if there aren’t enough people around to be pulled. Launching a website or starting a Facebook page is kinda like floating around in space – but in space, no one can hear you scream.

Find Your Gravitational Pull

Think of all the undiscovered stars and planets in our universe. They can shine as brilliantly as they like, but we’ll never witness that brilliance if they’re too far away to be seen. Such is the reality of the modern Internet.


With more and more people using social media to market their businesses, it’s difficult to see even your own light shining in the night sky – and Facebook especially isn’t doing much to help you get seen. As of 2018, the Facebook algorithm is no longer your friend. You have to get yourself seen among a sea of other celestial bodies – and if you don’t have a solid strategy, well… you’re gonna need a whole lot of luck.


The Crush Media team is dedicated to making sure your brand, business, or event is showing up in search engine results as much as possible. We’ll do the research to find out how you compare to the competition and set you up for ongoing success so that everyone is landing on your website and navigating with ease. If boosting sales is your goal, we’ll make it as easy as possible for your online customers to get to that “confirm payment” button.


No one can afford to bleed money by hiring top-level experts to manage their website and social media channels forever. After our planning and analysis are done, you get to keep an easy-to-read manual that tells you exactly what to do with your website and social media moving forward. Not only that, we’ll also come to you and train your employees how to implement our strategies, keep your website current, find and create the best social media content, and keep your audiences engaged.

Contact us today to find your next strategy and learn how to crush it.