Brodie Rush

A lifelong staple among Kansas City artists, Brodie specializes in Video Production & Direction, ANIMATION, Motion Graphics, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Graphic Design, Music Compositions, Voiceovers, and More!


Though most known for his band Be/Non, he is also a multitalented graphic artist, video editor, and animator who has worked on projects for Disney, Nintendo, Nerdist, Action 8 News, and The Coterie. His unique style and point of view shines through in everything he creates and is sure to make any brand stand out amidst the competition.

His goal is to help create art that gets to the heart of what your brand, event, or message is trying to convey. Whether it be a logo, poster, motion graphic, or a music video, he always looks forward to crafting something new, memorable, and important.

Brodie Rush Video Work:

THROUGHOUT HIS PROFESSIONAL CAREER, Brodie has worked for, directly with, or in partnership with a variety of brands, including:

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